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Puja Das Examies the Urban Matrix With a Creative Tribute to Development

Puja Das’s artistic practice is deeply rooted in the concept of constructions, a theme that has been intricately woven into the fabric of her life since childhood. Growing up amidst the transformation of her homeland into a bustling urban landscape, Das found herself drawn to the subtle yet profound aspects of daily life that often go unnoticed amid the ceaseless evolution of the city.

In her work, Das shines a spotlight on the enduring notions and mundane activities that persist amidst the rapid changes of urbanisation. Through her keen observations of her surroundings, she captures the essence of growth, development, and transformation, offering viewers a poignant reflection on the ever-shifting nature of city spaces.

Central to Das’s artistic process is the act of stitching, which she employs as a powerful metaphor for construction and amendment. By meticulously sewing together fragments of fabric, she not only creates visually captivating artworks but also imbues them with layers of meaning. Each stitch serves as a symbolic gesture, representing the ongoing process of building and rebuilding that defines the urban landscape.

Through her unique approach, Das invites audiences to reconsider their perceptions of the cityscape, encouraging them to look beyond the surface and discover the hidden beauty and resilience that lie beneath. Her work serves as a testament to the enduring spirit of human ingenuity and adaptability in the face of constant change.

Puja Das is an artist who skilfully combines universal themes and personal narrative to provide a fascinating examination of the relationship between individual experience and group transformation. She challenges viewers to perceive the world through fresh eyes by inviting them to go on a journey of reflection and discovery with each piece.

Feature Image: Untitled  by Puja Das | Courtesy: Abir Space

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