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Punit Kadwane’s Philosophy of Art is About Harmony, Empathy and Imperfection

Punit Kadwane, who grew up in the surroundings of Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, captures the spirit of daily life in his gleeful paintings. After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting) degree from Shipra Fine Art College in 2024, Kadwane’s experience is deeply entwined with the fabric of his country upbringing, which has given him a strong affinity for the spirit of rural life. At the core of Kadwane’s artistic expression lies a fascination with the unseen facets of existence, seamlessly blending them with the mundane yet profound moments of daily life.

Memory in Absence
Memory in Absence by Puneet Kadwane | The painting depicts Shri Krishna leaving his cow and companions in Vrindavan, symbolising eternal love and connection, transcending physical boundaries| Courtesy: Abir Space

Kadwane’s favoured medium of expression is acrylics; they work as conduits for him to release his deepest ideas into the canvas. His use of unusual materials like newspapers, plastic polythene, sandstones, and rollers to bravely explore the world of texture is a monument to his experimental attitude. By employing this inventive technique, Kadwane gives his compositions vitality and a tactile feel that invites the audience to become fully engrossed in his story.

Florist by Puneet Kadwane| The painting depicts a poor woman, despite hardships, engaged in flower garlands, with dark colours highlighting her positive personality and white flowers symbolising dedication | Courtesy: Abir Space

Central to Kadwane’s artistic philosophy is the belief in harmony and empathy. His disdain for sharp lines stems from a deep-seated conviction that every individual’s happiness and sorrow are intertwined, deserving equal recognition and reverence. In eschewing sharpness, Kadwane seeks to cultivate a sense of fluidity and interconnectedness within his artworks, inviting viewers to embrace the beauty of imperfection and the richness of human experience.

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