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Raise Your Glass to These EXQUISITE Glass Paint Markers

Have you ever been inspired by the rose window of the Parisian Notre Dame and tried recreating it at home? We certainly have! Having tested multiple markers, be it for calligraphy or fabric, we have finally deciphered which markers write on glass, effectively. These categories of markers are called glass markers. These markers for glass are used in a wide array of domains across industries and households. They can be used in both professional and personal settings. Whether it is a white marker for glass or wine markers for glasses, you will be an unstoppable force to be reckoned with.

The Need For Glass Markers

Glass markers serve diverse purposes as they smoothly glide over glass, windows, and similar surfaces. Primarily used for writing and drawing on glass surfaces, they provide a convenient means for communication, creativity, and organization. In business environments, glass markers facilitate presentations, brainstorming sessions, and organizational planning on whiteboards and glass marker boards. They are also valuable in retail settings for signage and window displays. At home, glass markers enable artistic expression, decorative enhancements, and household organization on mirrors, windows, and glass containers.

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Types of Glass Markers

If you approach your local art supply shop for a glass marker or look for them online, you must know about the type of glass marker that you wish to buy. Primarily, there are two kinds of glass markers.

Permanent Glass Markers

As the name suggests, these glass markers leave a permanent stain on the glass surfaces. Hence, they are reserved for decorating and embellishing. They can be used on jars, ceramics, stones, plastic, wood, mirrors, and more. Why not decorate your wine glasses with permanent wine glass markers, so that you may enjoy your Pinot or Chardonnay, which will assuredly make not just your tongue tingle, but also your eyes. These glass marker pens are the go-to if you wish to buy markers for glass painting.

Erasable Markers For Glass

These glass paint markers are temporary and can be erased. If using dry erase markers on glass, you need not be cautious, as you may erase the stains with one swipe of a washcloth or a duster. Using a wet-erase marker, you will need to clean it with water. Due to their transient nature, they are used often in office settings. Whether it is jotting down ideas or a team brainstorming session, this category of markers makes for the best markers to write on glass. If you have kids at home, you may even buy them a magnetic glass marker board along with colourful glass board markers so that they may express their nascent creativity.

Best Paint Markers For Glass

Several paint markers for glass lurk in the deepest corners of the internet. It always helps to make an informed choice. Hence, we are listing down some of the best markers for glass that you must opt for. These markers as Tina Turner puts it – ‘simply the best.’

Wine Glass Markers

The Wine Glass Markers are excellent if you wish to gift a bottle of wine to your friend. Write congratulatory messages on them. You may even write your friend’s name on their respective wine glasses. These glass paint markers come in five metallic shades (gold, silver, purple, red, and green). These glass markers are erasable as they use a water-based ink. However, after using them, let it rest for a few minutes and then pour the wine. Try not to touch the ink as even the slightest touch may remove it.

Courtesy – The Wall Street Journal

Decoart Glass Paint Markers

Even though Decoart Glass Paint Markers are considered top-notch markers for glass windows, they can also be used on porcelain and metal. It is a permanent glass marker so be cautious if using it. They are available in 14 different colours giving you enough room to express your creativity. When using these markers to paint on glass, you can expect both a dry and glossy finish.

Courtesy – Create With Mom

Sharpie Glass Paint Markers

Sharpie produces magnificent permanent glass markers. These oil based paint markers on glass may give you diverse results as they come in four tip sizes — fine point, medium point, bold point, and extra-fine point. With a range of 15 colours, Sharpie Glass Paint Markers work on myriad surfaces such as metal, ceramics, rubber, plastic, and stone. They are also fade-resistant and smudge-resistant which makes furthers their cause in visual arts. 

Courtesy – The Stuff I Use Channel via YouTube

Expo Dry Erase Markers

Expo manufactures one of the best dry erase markers for glass. They flaunt a bolder chisel tip, perfect for making both thick and thin lines. They are also available in bullet and fine tips. These glass paint markers come in a diverse range of colours and are low-odour. They are one of the best paint markers if you wish to achieve a stained glass effect as they are not opaque.

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