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Reviving Heritage and Embracing Innovation: Craft Council of India’s Textile Show Unveils Indian Artistic Odyssey

Tradition Meets Innovation at Craft Council of India’s Textile Show

Textile enthusiasts are in for a treat as the Craft Council of India’s highly-anticipated Textile Show opens its doors on August 4. With the theme of ‘Revive, Revisit, Reimagine – and Innovate,’ this exhibition celebrates the boundless creativity of weaver-designer-artisans who breathe new life into India’s centuries-old weaving and design traditions.

Two-day show to unveil artistic odyssey of Indian textiles on Aug 4 and 5
Farah Khan (in green top) with artisans. Courtesy:dtnext.in

A Showcase of Creative Textile Stories

The Textile Show will feature 40 renowned designers and artisans, displaying their mesmerizing saris and made-ups. Among these talents, Farah Khan’s enchanting Kantha creations stand out. Passionate about reviving the dying art of West Bengal, Farah’s exquisite floral narratives are skillfully embroidered with Kantha stitches, resulting in a stunning burst of vibrant colors. Her collection of dupattas, saris, and stoles, crafted from pure silk, hand-woven tussars, and cotton, has garnered immense appreciation from fashion-conscious women of all ages.

From Kantha collection
From Kantha collection. Courtesy:dtnext.in

Farah Khan – The Revivalist of Kantha Embroidery

Farah Khan’s mission is to infuse Kantha embroidery with contemporary charm, making it appealing to modern fashion sensibilities. Her designs not only preserve the heritage of West Bengal but also exude elegance and allure, showcasing the rich textile culture of the region. In her pursuit of sustainable fashion, Farah Khan’s brand has become a symbol of luxury accessible to all, while also empowering around 600 women artisans who diligently work to preserve this artistic heritage.

Saudamani Handlooms – Resurrecting the Elegance of Paithani

At Saudamani Handlooms, Paithani, the coveted wear of erstwhile royalty and brides in Maharashtra, receives a revival makeover. Anagha, from Saudamani Handlooms, expresses their commitment to reviving old Paithani designs while incorporating elements from other weaving traditions. The result is a breathtaking Paithani sari collection adorned in beautiful shades and jewel-like ‘pallus,’ along with a captivating line of cotton and silk Kanchipuram and other saris.

A Celebration of Indian Textiles’ Timeless Charm

The Craft Council of India’s Textile Show is a celebration of the indomitable spirit of Indian textiles, where tradition intertwines with innovation. As visitors immerse themselves in the exquisite artistry and creative stories showcased by talented designers and artisans, they witness the essence of India’s rich cultural heritage and its enduring allure for the contemporary world. The two-day show promises to be a journey through the masterpieces of time-honored weaving techniques, leaving visitors inspired by the seamless blend of tradition and contemporary flair.

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