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Room For More Art with Nouman Malik: Layered and holistic use of design

Abir Pothi presents Room For More Art —a series of features on interior designers across geographic boundaries, discussing with them the nuances of their profession, their methods of sourcing and projecting art into their work, the challenges they face, and a whole lot more perspective.

Nouman Malik: ‘Art juxtaposes and adapts into any space’


After founding the Purple Crab Design Studio in Kolkata several years ago, Nouman Malik moved from the east to the west of the country, and is now based out of Surat. His work completely embraces design in the spheres of architecture, interiors and landscaping. It ranges pan-India, engaging in unique projects from food parks, clubs, bungalows and townships to interiors for residences, hospitality ventures and offices, as well as event hardscapes and softscapes, gardens, resorts, public and land arts, exhibition spaces, and lots more. Nouman believes that a lot of his artistic foundation and inspiration comes from being in the cultural capital of Kolkata for several years, where stalwarts of art have worked extensively. He also finds art to be essential and very closely linked to nature — in that it never looks out of place in a particular space if done well, just like the millions of elements in nature that fit right wherever they are. Nouman’s studio work revolves around being “a powerhouse of curation and design, keeping in mind the space existence and articulations in and around it”, as the company describes itself, and also works in areas of complete branding, engaging in a holistic and layered look in terms of design. Across projects, his designs manage the right balance between juxtaposing and adapting art with surrounding elements, using modern and statement installations that speak of group symmetry, geometry, eye-catching colours, varied textures and materials, iconography and an aesthetic use of light.

Some samples of his work:

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