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Sharmila Gupta’s Abstract Odyssey into the Heart of Existence

Abstract artist Sharmila Gupta explores the very core of existence and emotion in her work, going beyond the bounds of traditional representation. She encourages people to ponder the profundity of human experience and the interconnection of the cosmos through her enthralling paintings.

With a keen eye for the beauty found in the harmony of elements, Gupta’s piece “Totality” serves as a poignant reflection on the interconnectedness of sky, water, land, air, and life. Through vibrant colours and flowing lines, she captures the essence of a world where each element coexists in perfect harmony, resulting in a sense of peace and freedom that resonates with viewers on a profound level.

Totality by Sharmila Gupta | Courtesy: Abir Space

In “Origin,” Gupta explores the unfathomable depths of both the ocean and the human psyche. Through her masterful use of texture and contrast, she creates a visual representation of the profound emotional landscapes that lie beneath the surface of consciousness. With each brushstroke, she invites viewers to delve deeper into the mysteries of existence, stirring the senses and sparking contemplation.

Origin by Sharmila Gupta | Courtesy: Abir Space

Gupta’s commitment to capturing the essence of existence is further exemplified in her piece “The Earth.” Through a mesmerising interplay of form and space, she highlights the intricate balance between built environments and the natural world. Each stroke of her brush serves as a attestation to the inherent beauty found in the intersection of human creation and the natural world, inviting viewers to consider the impact of their surroundings on the vitality of life itself.

The Earth
The Earth by Sharmila Gupta | Courtesy: Abir Space

Sharmila Gupta has a special talent for transforming difficult feelings and complicated ideas into aesthetically striking artwork that enthrals viewers everywhere. With every brushstroke, her commitment to digging into the depths of human experience and the interconnectedness of all things inspires viewers to set off on a voyage of introspection and self-discovery.

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