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Shinchan Cartoon Drawings Which Make Us Do the Buri Buri

Let’s face it, you miss your childhood as much as we do. The catharsis of our parents taking us to the pool or on a family trip amidst the mountains and the beaches was the best childhood feeling. As children, we were quite indolent, especially during the vacation months. That meant lazing around the house, eating as many candies as we could, and sitting infront of the television, while our favourite cartoons played. Now, we talk from experience, but our summer vacations would never be complete without constant replays of Pokemon, Doraemon, and the notorious Shinchan.

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Cartoon Drawing Shinchan

Shinchan holds a special place in our hearts. Despite being a kid, he is extremely relatable. For one, we share his disgust towards capsicum. To us, no character is as witty as Shinchan. To express our love, respect, and admiration for the 34-year-old kid, who stopped growing at 5 years old, we urge you to make Shinchan cartoon drawings. He has exclaimed numerous times, “Ab mai itna bhi kuch khaas nhi! (I am not that special!),” but we all know the truth. Shinchan has been a hero, saving the adults and the world at large from humourless foes and space aliens. Hence, it is time that your Shinchan pencil drawings achieve the same goal, albeit with laughter and absurdity.

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Shinchan Easy Drawing

If we were to look at Shinchan and his composition in isolation, we find that his character design isn’t complex. Hence, anyone can make an easy drawing of Shinchan, regardless of age or skill level. Creating Shinchan cute drawings doesn’t require much. You’ll be able to accomplish it through a shading pencil, a few colours, and sheer dedication to the icon. Although there are many ways that you can draw him, for example, Shinchan face drawing, we suggest you draw the legend in an easily recognisable pose. For us, it takes the form of his dance.

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Step-By-Step Drawing of Shinchan

To make Shinchan drawings with colour, you need a drawing pencil, a few colours (red, black, yellow, white, and beige), and clean sheets. Let’s take a look at the steps required to make a drawing of Shinchan.

  1. Make a Shinchan face drawing first. Draw his head in the form of a tilted number 3. Now draw his mouth (o), eyes (~), and bushy eyebrows (^). Now draw his ear (c) and hair. He has a bowl cut, so it mustn’t be too difficult.
  2. Draw his signature red T-shirt and yellow shorts.
  3. Now draw his hands and feet. You need not detail individual fingers while making this easy drawing of Shinchan. However, make sure that the drawing has white socks on.
  4. Your Shinchan drawing with colour would not be possible without crayons or other paint, so play with them.
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Et voila! Shinchan cartoon drawing is here to stun.

Shinchan Cute Drawings Ideas

Shinchan is humorous on his own. But they say, ‘Teamwork makes the dream work.’ Shinchan would be quite boring if not for his friends, teachers, parents, pets, and all the minor characters who are both flabbergasted and pleased with his antics. Hence, once you have mastered Shinchan face drawing, we recommend you get started on drawing everyone who makes the manga/anime worthwhile. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Shinchan House Drawing

The Nohara family abode is perhaps the most recognisable. With its yellow walls, lush bushes, a comfortable parking spot, a red roof, several balconies, and a spacious verandah, a Shinchan house drawing is sure to grab attention and praise. 

Courtesy – Crayon Shin-Chan Wiki – Fandom

Shinchan And Shiro Drawing

If dogs are the most loyal creatures, Shiro is undoubtedly one super dog. For the Shinchan and Shiro drawing, you may depict the classic scene of Shiro saving the eponymous hero from trouble. Another way to depict them would be when Shiro turns into a cotton ball or an unusual furry fashion accessory; a scarf.

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Shinchan Full Family Drawing

Shinchan’s family is as colourful as the rainbow. To make a Shinchan full family drawing, include the loyal pet, Shiro; the discount queen, Mitzy; smelly-feet Hiroshi, and of course the clever Hemawari. You may draw them as a happy family, enjoying some quality time or simply racing against time on a quest to save the universe. For this Shinchan pencil drawing, the autonomy rests with you.

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Shinchan Characters Drawing

You may also make Shinchan characters drawings, keeping Shinchan at the centre. You can draw his friends, forceful Nene, intelligent Kazama, rice ball Masao, or the soft-spoken Bo. Alternatively, this easy drawing of Shinchan may include his teachers, the sweet Yoshinaga, the pretentious Matsuzaka, the nervous Ageo; and the gang leader Principal. Each of these characters has a special place in our hearts, Shinchan’s life, and of course now your Shinchan cartoon drawing.

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