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Souvik Das journey after First Take 2018


The naturalness characteristic of the surface of a geological cave serves as my source of inspiration which is translated through clay. In my work, the clay is used in such a way that it retains its utmost natural character. Also, the geometry of space inspires me. Its regularity and irregularity are my interest to achieve. The symmetrical and asymmetrical aspect, to some extent, counters the natural aspect and spontaneity of the clay. A regular journey between a city, realizing the changes in a visual context. Which gradually start to contaminate my creative instinct and experiments. The more I have affected more changes came. These changes travel from one state to another. The style of my work is an expressive contemporary abstraction, and can also be seen as simple minimal, and non-figurative ceramics objects. Invisible to humans but are touch hungry. The disturbance and changes in the socio-political confusion much more drive my ceramics practices. The complex structure of the society and texture that my experiment reflects in ceramic sculpture.

– Souvik Das

Souvik Das was one of ten winners of the First Take award in 2018. When we asked him to share his journey and experience after winning the award, he gave us an energetic reply. He not only informs us of his recent activities but also highlights his matured introspection and understanding of his art practice.


After getting the Abir award in 2018 Souvik worked as an intern on the Durga Puja project based on ceramics for three months. Later on he attended an international terracotta workshop at Molela village in Rajasthan. In 2019 he was a part of a Durga Puja project based on \’Shantiniketani Alpana\’, and then got the Lalit Kala Akademi scholarship 2019-2020. \”During my scholarship period, COVID-19 has been started and during that time I was doing some low-temperature ceramics work in my home, some of my work was selected for the CIMA award show and an annual exhibition of Birla academy. I was a finalist in Art Incept Grand 2021\” says Souvik. Currently he\’s working on a puja pandal project based on the Folk Art museum also known as Guru Saday Dutta Museum.

You can find a few of Souvik’s works on Abirspace.com.

Souvik Das was born on August 15, 1991, at Keorapukur Mission(Shantinagar)M.G.Road in Kolkata. In the year 2016, he earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts Department of Ceramic Art & Pottery, Government College of Art & Craft, Calcutta. He completed his post-graduation from the Department of Ceramic Art & Pottery at the same institute in 2018. During his graduation in 2015, he was awarded the Gujarat Kala Pratisthan at the 9th Art Exhibition held in Surat, Gujarat. He has participated in many exhibitions and group shows including Devinim Online 2020 International ceramics exhibition Organised by Clay Art Platform, Turkey, Curated by Asst. prof. Dr.Mine.

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