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Srinath Bidare’s Inkesthetics: Inspired by the Stoicism of Life in Monochrome

“It is only by drawing often, drawing everything, drawing incessantly, that one fine day you discover to your surprise that you have rendered something in its true character.”

-Camille Pissarro


Srinath Bidare’s drawings unfurl bold and expressive lines to convey an emotion or drive in his drawings. An experimental approach has led to an upshot of stimulating, erratic and unpredictable shapes. Distorted and abstract depictions aid in accentuating the act of perceiving rather than generating a realistic image. There is variation in the thickness and force of lines to create a lively and visually engaging composition. There are abstract conformations using geometric shapes and lines. Trials lead to symmetrical, asymmetrical, and automatically formed patterns too. 

Art by Srinath Bidare

Concentrating on the negative space, one can see the drawings in the spaces around and between the objects or shapes, paving through different perspectives. His drawings involve skewed angles; and integrate patterns to embody textures or other repetitive elements. Experimenting with different approaches resonates with the vision of environs and ambiences. The incorporation of elements from nature, when blended with the energetic musical beats and soothing melodies, boosts Srinath’s productivity and augments focus. The dynamic soundtrack permits a more immersive and productive drawing experience.

Whether it is the soft, flowing lines for calmness or bold, energetic strokes for vitality, all capture the simplicity of nature, while evoking a sense of tranquillity and connection to the nitty-gritties of life. The lines themselves communicate the mood. There is an effort to distil the complexity of life into its vital, serene components. The simplicity and mindfulness seep through the subjects, lines and finally through the composition. Not forgetting the limits of traditional techniques or conventional norms, Bidare’s renderings engage in trialling a more comprehensive and diverse understanding of artistic expression, to realize new approaches, panaches, and ways of expressing his ideas. 

Art by Srinath Bidare

Cross-pollination of ideas and embracing the indefinite and unknown endorses a spirited and evolving artistic language and mien. Each room has a different mood of drawings and has been given a particular title too, like ‘Fragmented parables’, ‘Flights of symphony’, ‘Flamenco’ and ‘Foliage in hymns’. The visual and sensory makings, the subtle balance between chaos and order, an understated chemistry of light and shadow, the artist exquisitely circumnavigates in his artworks. The lines, executed with assured yet placid strokes, lead the viewer’s gaze through an enthralling trip across the paper. One can notice human forms, birds, buildings, windows, pillars, relics, dancers, philosophers, musical instruments, and man branching out in the shape of a tree, fish and books. There is a cadenced quality to the lines, whether drawn in a single stroke, dry brush, overlapped or intermingled. One can feel a hop between extemporality and decisive intent. The stark distinction between dark and light expanses creates a sense of drama, while the soft shifts of micro lines flaming out take one to a totally different world of basics yet comprehensive.

The composition unfolds organically, with pivotal points emerging amidst the intricate netting of details. The subject might be simple but the intriguing patterns in a few drawings add a complexity, which gradually gets distilled into a symphonic whole. The eyes traverse through the artist’s choice of a singular medium, the lines and shapes on the paper, each line entwining into the next with precision and spontaneity. The negative spaces, carefully considered, breathe life into the composition, allowing the viewer’s imagination to fill the gaps with ephemeral narratives. The artist’s mastery lies not only in what is drawn but in the spaces between—inviting contemplation and introspection. 

Art by Srinath Bidare

“There is always authenticity and independent thinking when I create an artwork. The vast white canvas and the rich black tones always have fascinated me to go for monochrome creations besides my paintings in oil. Presenting life in its simplicity and semi-abstract human elements in these creations are my thoughts and observations around semi-urban surroundings. The beauties of these abstracts are some random creations that flowed free to a rhythmic form giving a unique composition-the technique I thought should be continued. These delicate micro-lines to thick brush strokes are some of my experimental renderings in Black and White”, says Srinath Bidare

A solo show of the drawings of Srinath Bidare- ‘Inkesthetics: inspired by the stoicism of life in monochrome’ is being held at the Indian Institute of World Culture, Bangalore from 12th to 19th January 2024. The show was inaugurated by the Guests of Honour- Jayanth Kaikini- Eminent poet, writer, playwright and lyricist; and Chandranath Acharya and AM Prakash- renowned artists. The show has been meticulously Curated by Kiran Bagade- Author and Art Historian.

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