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Stitching Time: An Embroidered Journey Through Nature and Memories by Ranita Bera

Ranita Bera combines her personal and intellectual experiences to create a  portrayal of the modern world. Even though her academics have taken her to many different places, her work consistently reflects a strong sense of nostalgia for her early years, which takes the form of a celebration of shapes, colours, and the intrinsic meanings they hold. Bera’s artistic career is evidence of her close awareness of the dynamic social environment. Her embroidery artistry, based on the rustic charm of rural life, masterfully captures the essence of the times despite fast changes. Her works’ warp and weft act as a canvas on which she boldly captures the subtleties and dramatic changes of her surroundings.

Nature by Ranita Bera | Courtesy: Abir Space

In Bera’s work, nature—with all of its hues and forms—emerges as a primary inspiration. She uses her investigation of the complex interaction between shape and colour as a lens to see the complex dance of existence. In light of the transforming forces influencing her work, she has the task of demonstrating the natural shapes and themes’ ongoing significance. Also, she pushes the bounds of traditional artistic expression when it comes to needlework. She is inspired by the ancient Jamdani and Paithani techniques and skilfully combines a variety of materials to give her masterpieces an extraordinary rich feel. The loom serves as a window into the past and the future in her work, which harmoniously combines innovation and tradition.

Red Sense
Red Sense by Ranita Bera | Courtesy: Abir Space

Bera’s latest pieces offer a moving examination of fundamental ideas derived from the forms of nature. She presents a visual narrative that is both introspective and outward-looking, encouraging viewers to reflect on the fundamental interconnectedness between the self and the environment through her artistic lens. In the field of embroidered arts, Ranita Bera’s work exemplifies the dynamic interplay between the traditional and the modern through its elaborate use of texture, nature, and weaving techniques.

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