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Sudeshna Saha’s Provocative Vision Unveiled in Intricate Layers of Memory, Material, and Metaphor

Sudeshna Saha is an independent artist from Kolkata who explores the complex web of human life by skilfully fusing ideas, facts, and human interactions with the environment. Her works of art are a reflection of the constantly changing consumerist society of today. Through her allegorical and personal works, Saha engages viewers in a thought-provoking conversation that evokes feelings and encourages reflection. Her work challenges deeply ingrained societal standards and cultural prejudices by delving into the unsaid and frequently overlooked facets of human existence. Saha strives to rewrite the story with an acute sense of nuance, creating an environment that is more welcoming, transparent, and impartial.

Saha’s deep connection to her materials and subjects is fundamental to her creative process. Her pieces start with an emotion or an item and then naturally develop into storylines that are very expressive. Saha uses paper as her main media and loves how creative it can be. She frequently layers it with materials including ink, fabrics, sand, soil, collages, and photos. Working in layers takes Saha on a spiritual trip that enables her to totally immerse herself in the creative process.

Saha’s paintings create a rich tapestry of emotions and experiences, inviting viewers to explore the depths of their own humanity, despite her limited palette and penchant for muted colours. Each work delineates the complex contours of the human experience, providing a stop and a moment of meditation amidst the tumult of contemporary life.
Through her work, Sudeshna Saha reveals herself as a provocateur and storyteller in addition to a talented artist, asking viewers to examine their preconceptions and accept the complexity of the human condition. She creates a universe that is both familiar and mysterious with each brushstroke, enticing viewers to go into the recesses of their own subconscious.

Feature Image: Left- Hidden Butterfly II, Right: Hedden Butterfly I | Sudeshna Saha | Courtesy: Abir Space

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