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First Take Update, 2022: Eminent Jury expediently selects Finalists for exhibition

By Vinay Seth Since 2016, Abir has been annually inviting artwork entries from emerging artists from all over India, whereafter the entrants are shortlisted for displaying their works in a group show. From these shortlisted exhibition finalists, the top few — 10 this year — are selected for the First Take award, carrying an honorarium....


Art and Architecture: A true happily ever after

Ranna Parikh talks about the marriage of art and architecture Walter Gropious had famously said, “Architecture begins where engineering ends.” And I couldn’t agree more because everyone has their own visual perception, insight and skill. The sensitivity that an architect/ designer has is developed on a whole new tangent, and that enhances the spatial characteristics...


Myriad urban tales, some natural inspiration

Charudatt Pande: Portraits of unforgiving detail Migration has been a prominent theme in artworks churned out by young Pune-based artist Charudatt Pande. He professes that his earlier works reflected some stereotypes of diversity — but later in his artistic trajectory, Charudatt adds, he delved deeper into the mundane observations of urban life, and began telling...