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Robert Graham: Mexico-born Versatile American Artist Renowned for his Bronze Human Nudes in Public Places

On this day, 19th August, 1938, Robert Graham, a now-renowned American sculptor was born to Adelina Graham and Roberto Pena in Mexico. A fiercely independent perfectionist with a high-tech skills and a fascination with the female figure, Robert’s personal work explores nearly every conceivable position and pose of the female nude, often on an intimate...


Farewell to a vision of monumental whimsy: Claes Oldenburg passes away at 93 

Obituary A giant overturned ice cream cone suspended over the steely corner of a chrome-and-glass building in Germany’s Cologne; a colossal hamburger, pickle perched demurely on top, made of canvas and foam and cardboard, courting controversy in Ontario, Canada; a mammoth installation of a spoon with a jumbo cherry poised on its tip in Minneapolis,...


Conceptual. Minimalistic. Sol LeWitt graced the world today

September 9, On This Day An iconic American artist, Sol (Solomon) LeWitt is said to have helped to establish both Minimalism and Conceptual Art through his work. He was born today, 93 years ago — September 9, 1928 — although he passed away in April 2007. LeWitt achieved fame in the late 1960s and has...