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From the trinity of High Renaissance art

April 6, On This Day Together with Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, Italian painter and architect Raphael forms the traditional trinity of great masters of the High Renaissance, a historically iconic period for classical Western art. Interestingly he was both born on and died on April 6, and lived a short 37 years from 1483...


Art and Architecture: A true happily ever after

Ranna Parikh talks about the marriage of art and architecture Walter Gropious had famously said, “Architecture begins where engineering ends.” And I couldn’t agree more because everyone has their own visual perception, insight and skill. The sensitivity that an architect/ designer has is developed on a whole new tangent, and that enhances the spatial characteristics...


It’s a wonderful world because it’s colourful

Architect and ace interior designer Ranna Parikh doles out a quick overview about art, design, colour and their sum total that makes up her life Ever wondered why ‘heart’ has the term art, in it?! That’s exactly what art means to me. Art equals coloúr and color equals joy… as a corollary, art equals joy!...

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