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Art Of The Day: Masked, Yet Linked

The emotions of togetherness, loneliness, trust, endurance and love are depicted in the works of artist Rashmita Kanojia, and the realities of the ongoing pandemic inform her creative efforts of the moment. This reflective woodcut oeuvre, ‘Silent Conversations’ showcases a pandemic reality, wherein distancing is a truth often ignored, even as humans in the rat...


Art Of The Day: Bold Chaos

Artist Pallav Chander professes that he likes to “observe society’s quirks in abstraction”. Rendered via mixed media on paper, this artwork of his — ‘Untitled 7’ — is a flash of abstract expressionism with an incredible eye for colour, clarity and chaos, all distilled into one space. Using warm fuchsia pink juxtaposed with scribblage of...


Art Of The Day: Fiery Germination

There’s a bold vibrancy and sureness that seeps into the Expressionist strokes expertly rendered by Ramesh Garawad, such as in this ‘Untitled’ piece of oil on canvas. We see scarlet hues stand out from a muddy, non-descript brown background, as if clearly symbolising the earth. The shades of red blossom from germinating seed into dense...


Art Of The Day: Cards In Hand

Rendered using mix media on paper, this artwork titled ‘Life is a game III’ by artist Vitesh Naik depicts a conservatively and sophisticatedly dressed man, heavily caricatured, performing what looks like sleight of hand with two deeply symbolic playing cards — the much coveted King of Diamonds, and The Joker of the pack. The risky...