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Remembering the father of Greek seascape painting

JUNE 29, ON THIS DAY The Greek painter who is considered as the “father of seascape painting” Konstantinos Volanakis died on this day, 29 June 1907. He is regarded as one of the most appreciated seascape painters of the period after the Greek War of Independence and considered as an authentic representative of the Munich...


A child refugee turned artist: Anil Karanjai

JUNE 27, ON THIS DAY Born on this day, 27 June 1940, in East Bengal, Anil Karanjai was an Indian artist trained in Banaras under two of India’s great classical masters: Karnaman Singh of Bhartiya Kala Kendra, an exponent of famous Bengal School and a Nepali by origin and Sharada Prasad of Bharat Kala Bhavan...


The first major sports artist of the world died on this day

JUNE 20, ON THIS DAY Best known for his brilliantly coloured, expressionist paintings and illustrations that presented scenes of sports and entertainment, LeRoy Neiman passed away on this day, 20 June 2012. He worked both as an illustrator and as an artist whose paintings, prints, and drawings were shown in galleries and reproduced in numerous publications....


A remarkable artist of folding screens: Ogata Korin

JUNE 2, ON THIS DAY One of the masters of the Sotatsu-Koetsu school of decorative painting, Ogata Korin died on this day in June 2, 1716. He was famous for his screen paintings, lacquer work, textile designs and particularly for his byobu folding screens, such as Irises and Red and White Plum Blossoms. He was...