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A layman’s guide to why the artist is needed

The artist is just like any other worker, but he is also not exactly that. Santanu Borah helps you negotiate this irony Somebody once asked me how is the work of an artist any different from the work of a banker or a sanitation worker. The question is not entirely without reason. The simple answer...


The artist as an evil person: Do we celebrate the art or vilify it?

Santanu Borah talks about one of his favourite artists who was committed for aberrant sexual behaviour One of the biggest questions that we ask today is, should an artist who has less than an admirable life be regarded as an artist or celebrated? If you look at many artists, you might have a mixed opinion....


Bireswar Sen: The landscape artist who reimagined the Indian miniature

The art world has the unique ability to reveal visual delights and exciting artists from lesser-known places — and then all of a sudden, that celebration seems to stop without a warning. In Bengal, old masters like Abanindranath Tagore are worshipped and will always occupy a large part of the cultural consciousness of the region...


Muzaffar Ali: The multimedia artist before there was multimedia artists

Ruby Brahmbhatt Jagrut talks about the versatile artists, who has not only made beautiful paintings but has also directed classic films like Umrao Jaan What makes some people creative powerhouse? There are artists who just do art. Then there are ones who see, live, touch, carry art wherever they are and whatever they do. They...


‘He’s the best painter in India,’ MF Husain had said

March 12, On This Day One of Bengal’s foremost artists Described by leading contemporary artist MF Husain once as “the best painter in India”, Ganesh Pyne was born in 1937, and passed away at the age of 75 on March 12, 2013. Born in Kolkata, West Bengal, Pyne started as a watercolourist under the Bengal...

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