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Judy Chicago: Pioneer of the feminist art movement

JULY 20, ON THIS DAY An influential artist, art educator and founder of the first feminist art program in US at California State University Fresno, Judy Chicago was born on this day, 20th July 1939. She’s an American feminist artist whose complex and focused installations created some of the visual presence of the women’s liberation...


Edgar Degas: The indoor Impressionist

JULY 19, ON THIS DAY A prominent painter, sculptor and printmaker, Edgar Degas was born on this day, 19 July 1834. He was a prominent figure in the Impressionist group and like the other Impressionists, he sought to capture fleeting moments in the flow of modern life, but unlike most of them, showed little interest...


Whistler: The artist whose titles for paintings were inspired by music

JULY 11, ON THIS DAY The artist recognized for his paintings of nocturnal London, for his advanced full-length portraits and for his brilliant etchings and lithographs, James Abbott McNeill Whistler was born on this day, 11 July, 1834. He is known to have influenced the art world and the broader culture of his time with...


Marc Chagall, the versatile dreamer

JULY 7, ON THIS DAY The painter, lithographer, etcher and designer Marc Chagall was born on this day, 7 July, 1887. His poetic, figurative style made him one of most popular modern artists in the world. His compositions depict aspects of his personal and family histories and those of Eastern European folklore at large. He...


Frida Kahlo: Remembering the Mexican artist’s myriad faces

JULY 6, ON THIS DAY The acclaimed Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, best known for her uncompromising and brilliantly coloured self-portraits that dealt with themes such as identity, the human body and death was born on this day, 6 July, 1907. Her birth name was Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo y Calderon. Frida had never planned to...


A child refugee turned artist: Anil Karanjai

JUNE 27, ON THIS DAY Born on this day, 27 June 1940, in East Bengal, Anil Karanjai was an Indian artist trained in Banaras under two of India’s great classical masters: Karnaman Singh of Bhartiya Kala Kendra, an exponent of famous Bengal School and a Nepali by origin and Sharada Prasad of Bharat Kala Bhavan...

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