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A layman’s guide to why the artist is needed

The artist is just like any other worker, but he is also not exactly that. Santanu Borah helps you negotiate this irony Somebody once asked me how is the work of an artist any different from the work of a banker or a sanitation worker. The question is not entirely without reason. The simple answer...


Orgasms and the art of knowing when your painting is done

Santanu Borah recounts the story of an artist who overworked his piece because he didn’t know when the “love-making” with his canvas was over Some of the funniest people I have met in my life have been artists. While artists are given to many moments of melancholy, deep down you can often find a childlike...


Notes from an open optimist

Nidheesh Tyagi tells you why the living through difficult times makes us more human and saves the best of us from the worst of us As the world is talking less about Covid and more about vaccine jabs, it is time to come out of almost a year-long dark depressing tunnel and breathe in the...