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“I am interested in surprises from my art,” says Manjunath Kamath, a man of many mediums

Skilled facility with diverse media, multiple cultural references, traditional iconography, fragmented imageries, an often humorous visual vocabulary, and constantly reinvented modes of storytelling are the hallmark of noted artist and sculptor Manjunath Kamath’s works. In this Abir Pothi exclusive, he shares his journey with Gauri Gharpure Temple sculptures and paintings, churches, and Jain temples were...


Shakti Maira: In pursuit of beauty, from 1947 to 2021

An artist, but also a thinker and author of global renown, Shakti Maira passed away on May 9 at the age of 73, leaving behind a multifaceted legacy An intense belief in beauty, in all its forms, lingers behind in the passing of artist, sculptor, writer, philosopher, polemicist and teacher Shakti Maira, who slipped away...


The beauty and integrity of a work can still be felt digitally. I am awed when I look at old paintings online: Praveen Yaramilli   

10 questions with the Pothi team: Artist Praveen Yaramilli, who primarily works in the digital format, tells us about his process and life during the pandemic How did you journey in art start? Tell us about your childhood. You are not a formally trained artist.  My journey in art started in school. Ten students were...


Postcard from New York: The cubists and Hockney in the Fool’s City

Our person in New York, Kaivana, takes you on a journey through the hottest art events and happenings in New York right now  The Park Avenue Cubist: The new way of looking at Picasso and Braque’s legacy With picnic season in full swing another exhibition to check out near central park is ‘Park Avenue Cubists’...


The troubled, tumultous creative genius of Francis Bacon

April 28, On This Day Of screaming portraits Known for his raw, unsettling imagery, Irish-born British figurative painter Francis Bacon was born in October 1909 and passed away on April 28, 1992. He built up a reputation as one of the giants of contemporary art with his unique style, and his artworks focused on subjects...

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