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Himmat Shah, Part 3: Deep Immersion through Clay

Continued from Part 2. According to Himmat Shah, an artist should be a very sensitive person, who could experience art at the very subtle levels and could give unmatched form to their own artworks. So that the unmatchable quality of their individuality stays in their work, and when faced with doubt, they could search for...


Himmat Shah, Part 2: The Ceramic Yogi

Continued from Part 1 “Look at people today — how they have become obsessed with their own body. How strange it seems that everyone wants to become body-less without understanding the body, dream of freedom without knowing boundation. It seems that everything is floating in thin air; the journey-nobody wants to embark on that process,...


Fleeting Expressions

Group show of 11 artists. “‘Fleeting Expressions’ brings together flat works by a wide range of contemporary artists working in diverse graphic mediums and processes, from the conventional watercolour on paper and oil on canvas, to textiles – jute and textile, etchings, drawings made with pencil, graphite, and in scratched-paper works, and even experimental techniques...