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I walked into a gallery and saw my own face on a wall

The human face is one of the most dramatic subjects of art. Here, the author stumbles into his own face and writes his brief journey into the mysterious world of portraitures, and weird people with this obsession in these times of mobile cameras and selfie culture


Art, the pandemic’s survival toolkit – Part 3

Adverse situations and troubled times informs the art of that period, and that art eventually becomes the mirror and even conscience of the time, influencing how we think about the event later. By the Pothi Team. Yesterday we told you how two Pune-based artists coped during the pandemic. What is certain is that there are...


Art, the pandemic’s survival toolkit

Ironically, the lockdown made people understand the value of the arts even more. The oft-cited opinion that art did not have practical value did not seem like a valid viewpoint anymore. It isn’t just the tangible that makes life bearable turned into a mantra during the lockdown.