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Postcard from New York: The cubists and Hockney in the Fool’s City

Our person in New York, Kaivana, takes you on a journey through the hottest art events and happenings in New York right now  The Park Avenue Cubist: The new way of looking at Picasso and Braque’s legacy With picnic season in full swing another exhibition to check out near central park is ‘Park Avenue Cubists’...


While art events in many contemporary galleries are addressing problems of gender and caste, most of what I see appears to be emulating the West: Pronoy Chakraborty

The Pothi team speaks to Pronoy Chakraborty, a young curator who the place you show art in helps recontextualise the entire idea  It is said that the old must give way to the new. It isn’t to say that what the past brought before you is not important. In fact, we sit on the shoulders...


A very happy birthday to F. N Souza!

  Artists Francis Newton Souza was born on this day in 1942. One of India’s foremost art world maestros, this Goan man was well known for his wild ways and wilder paintings. He attended St. Xavier’s College in Bombay, being expelled for drawing graffiti in a toilet which he claimed he was correcting, but the...


Art of the day: The multi-layered world of Pratap Manna

Revisiting Memories (watercolour and ink on paper, 36X48 inch) by Pratap Ranna This work by Pratap Manna is an expression of how memories function. He works in charcoal, ink and watercolours mostly. He brings a multi-layered world before you. He believes that reality as you observe it comes to you in many images. He juxtaposes...