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A day to remember the life of prolific artist Paul Klee

June 29, On This Day He left behind a legacy comprising over 9,000 works of art spanning movements that included expressionism, cubism, and surrealism and more, when he passed away on June 29, 1940. The style of Swiss-born German artist Paul Klee was, indeed, highly individualistic, with works that reflect dry humor and sometimes childlike...


Grief, poverty, hunger and war came to life in her art

April 22, On This Day Death of a socialist artist A committed pacifist and communist, this female German artist depicted the effects of poverty, hunger and war on the working class in 275 prints over her career, in etching, woodcut and lithography. Virtually the only portraits she made (at least 50) were images of herself,...


Nobel winner Günter Grass was a visual artist, too

April 13, On This Day Expressing satire in surrealism Born on April 13, 1860, James Sidney Edouard or Baron Ensor was a Belgian painter and printmaker, and an important influence on expressionism and surrealism associated with the artistic group Les XX. During the late 19th century, much of Ensor’s work was rejected as scandalous, particularly...


Art Of The Day: Bold Chaos

Artist Pallav Chander professes that he likes to “observe society’s quirks in abstraction”. Rendered via mixed media on paper, this artwork of his — ‘Untitled 7’ — is a flash of abstract expressionism with an incredible eye for colour, clarity and chaos, all distilled into one space. Using warm fuchsia pink juxtaposed with scribblage of...