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‘We have to look at art as a freedom struggle’: Muzaffar Ali

All art is connected: A statement Muzaffar Ali not only believes in, but also embodies in how he leads his life, whether as a painter, director of classic cinematic oeuvres like Umrao Jaan, or the force behind Jahan-e-Khusrau. In Samvaad, he elaborates on the challenges of an artist's life, and how Indian art needs to reposition itself


Muzaffar Ali: The multimedia artist before there was multimedia artists

Ruby Brahmbhatt Jagrut talks about the versatile artists, who has not only made beautiful paintings but has also directed classic films like Umrao Jaan What makes some people creative powerhouse? There are artists who just do art. Then there are ones who see, live, touch, carry art wherever they are and whatever they do. They...