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Born on this day: M. F. Husain, the Bombay Progressive who reinvented the pictorial plane

Suggested: Abir Pothi’s retrospective take on the artist. By Vinay Seth “Art is always ahead of time. Tomorrow, they will understand it.” —M. F. Husain Early Moorings M. F. Husain, popularly hailed as the ‘Picasso of India’, was born on this day, 17th September, in 1915. Maqbool Fida Husain was born in Pandharpur, in Maharashtra...


Himmat Shah, Part 2: The Ceramic Yogi

Continued from Part 1 “Look at people today — how they have become obsessed with their own body. How strange it seems that everyone wants to become body-less without understanding the body, dream of freedom without knowing boundation. It seems that everything is floating in thin air; the journey-nobody wants to embark on that process,...


Finding Lalu Prasad Shaw via Manmeet K Walia

By Vinay Seth I met Manmeet Kaur Walia, the curator of the exhibition ‘Masterly Manoeuvring: Lalu Prasad Shaw’, at the show’s preview on the evening of 20th July. The retrospective is being held by Gallerie Splash, based in Gurugram. Though very busy attending the guests, Manmeet was kind enough to lend me her time and...


Kochi on the verge of becoming the new art city; and two other stories

We are happy to curate trending stories for you from the many fascinating developments across the globe. Here’s the latest from the art world that you should not miss! Indian artist’s solo show in New York Tom Vattakuzhy’s solo show ‘Song of the Dusk’ is on view at Aicon Contemporary at New York. The artist...


The beauty and integrity of a work can still be felt digitally. I am awed when I look at old paintings online: Praveen Yaramilli   

10 questions with the Pothi team: Artist Praveen Yaramilli, who primarily works in the digital format, tells us about his process and life during the pandemic How did you journey in art start? Tell us about your childhood. You are not a formally trained artist.  My journey in art started in school. Ten students were...


The many mutinies of the tribal art and journeys thereafter

If one analyses the trajectories and stories of artists, some aspects begin to stand out; insights that otherwise elude us if we are not alert to nuances. There are common elements to the professional journeys of the forebearer of Gond Art form, Jangadh Sinh Shyam from Patangadh, Mandla, Kalipad Kumbhar from Bankura, West Bengal, who brought to fame the ‘bonga hathi,’ Odisha’s scroll painter or “pat chitrakar” Prahlad Mohrana who innovated “tapoi,” Sona Bai, or Neelmani.

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