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Ina Puri on Lalu Prasad Shaw: “You will be surprised”

By Vinay Seth  I had the privilege of having a heart-to-heart conversation with Ina Puri on her upcoming retrospective on the Bengal master Lalu Prasad Shaw. The show is subtitled ‘Early and Recent Works’. The ‘Early’ part largely comprises Lalu’s prints from the 70s and 80s, and the ‘Recent’ works mostly consist of works done...


Sudhir Patwardhan: Painter of the Particular

On a cursory glance, Sudhir Patwardhan’s cityscapes might look akin to Edward Hopper’s paintings. But while Hopper’s scenes often show figures in solitude against the backdrop of the geometrically laid-out Western city, Sudhir’s canvases are often brimming with toiling bodies struggling in a bustling Indian city in construction. The Social backdrop of Sudhir’s Patwardhan’s visual...


Old Guard and New Guns exhibit together for a fortnight: 40-plus exhibitions, for two Delhi Art Weeks

By Vinay Seth Back-to-back schedule: A lucky coincidence for Delhi art lovers! Anahita Taneja, Director of Shrine Empire Gallery, informed me that the Delhi Art Week and the Delhi Contemporary Art Week being back-to-back affairs this year was a lucky coincidence. “Bikaner House needed to be booked months in advance, and we had no idea...