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One cannot weave untruth in art: Veer Munshi

Artist Veer Munshi remembers his early life in Kashmir, his days of mind expansion in Baroda and his relationship with exile and the many shades of minority issues. A conversation with Santanu Borah There are enough instances in the history of the human race that shows that conflict mothers great ideas, events and art. The...


Young Goa: Emerging artists that you should know

Gauri Gharpure profiles five young and promising artists from Goa. You can see their works at the end of the article Foraying into the field of arts is replete with equal amounts of creative freedom and struggle. In this article, we outline the journeys of young artists from Goa who have not only won numerous...


A roadmap for young artists who wish to succeed

Every young artist wants to be successful. Our curator Veer Munshi wears the curator’s hat and tells you how. It’s both easy and tough Veer Munshi’s art is steeped in experience and tradition. He is of the belief that one has to express oneself through systems that are already embedded in one’s cultural experience. If...