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“Each stitched line is a conversation between my hand and brain,” says Pranati Panda – Textile Series 2

Pranati Panda’s first textile experience was as a child learning to knit and sew from her mother. She has always had a need to do something with her hands, something tactile, and working with textile and stitching is a process of mark-making of the progression of time, she believes. “Hand-stitching is a time-based medium and...


Find out how ‘Young Lucknow’ artists are blossoming in the erstwhile city of nawabs

Nostalgia, cultures, traditions, mythologies, agriculture, women’s rights – Abir Pothi discovers that the list of inspiration is quite long for these Lucknow-based artists. Mainaz Bano: Themes of a colonial past Raised in an Awadhi family, Mainaz is fascinated by miniatures. Zari sarees worn by her mother at festive occasions, with intricate floral designs and distinct...


Channeling childhood trauma, Gujarat-based Jayesh Shrimali is creating art with burnt memories

  The first works of many artists carry a significant hangover of their past. Autobiographical, they unapologetically serve as personal essays that unburden haunting memories. In some cases, these personal accounts resonate with the quality of the output and Jayesh Srimali’s journey is just as descriptively transferred into his artwork. Despite being deeply personal, the...