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A towering reminder of a patron of the arts: Chrysler

May 27, On This Day A businessman and an art connoisseur Exactly 91 years ago today, on May 27, 1930, the 1,046-foot (or 319-metre) Chrysler Building in New York City, the tallest man-made structure at the time, was opened to the public. The building was constructed by American automotive industry executive Walter Chrysler, the head...


The day the New York School of artists established itself

May 21, On This Day Birth of the avant-garde in NYC Exactly 70 years ago from today, on May 21, 1951, an iconic hub for art established itself in the bustling heart of New York City. The Ninth Street Show, today known as the 9th Street Art Exhibition, opened up as a gathering of notable...


Postcard from New York: The hottest art exhibits right now

Kaivana writes in from New York with the latest low-down on what’s buzzing in The Big Apple’s art scene. This is the second in a series of postcards from The Big Apple. You can read the first one here. A first-ever for NYC Who? KAWS: WHAT PARTY Where? Exhibited at Brooklyn Museum One of the...


‘Beauty, first. Especially in the worst of times’: Pandemic perspective from across the Atlantic

American artist Michael diCanio speaks to Pothi from New York about the impact of Covid-19 on local art, and his thoughts on the resilience of the art community and individual artists amid this crisis His art could be described as rife with subtle mythological, fantastical and religious iconography and Symbolism, sometimes arcane, sometimes nearly dystopic,...