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Art of the day: The multi-layered world of Pratap Manna

Revisiting Memories (watercolour and ink on paper, 36X48 inch) by Pratap Ranna This work by Pratap Manna is an expression of how memories function. He works in charcoal, ink and watercolours mostly. He brings a multi-layered world before you. He believes that reality as you observe it comes to you in many images. He juxtaposes...


Orgasms and the art of knowing when your painting is done

Santanu Borah recounts the story of an artist who overworked his piece because he didn’t know when the “love-making” with his canvas was over Some of the funniest people I have met in my life have been artists. While artists are given to many moments of melancholy, deep down you can often find a childlike...


It’s bittersweet days for art fairs, post Covid

The Art Market 2021 Report is out. This Art Basel and UBS survey has been prepared by Dr. Clare McAndrew, Founder of Arts Economics. The Pothi team brings you excerpts and overviews of this incisive report. This is part 5 of a six-part series. You can read part 1 here, part 2 here, part 3...


The artist as an evil person: Do we celebrate the art or vilify it?

Santanu Borah talks about one of his favourite artists who was committed for aberrant sexual behaviour One of the biggest questions that we ask today is, should an artist who has less than an admirable life be regarded as an artist or celebrated? If you look at many artists, you might have a mixed opinion....


As we cross the first 30 days of an idea

Ruby Jagrut tells how the abirspace.com and abirpothi.com ideas germinated during the lockdown and became a reality, despite many worries and obstacles I have always recognised myself as an artist who is passionate about natural dyes. The smell of dyes and jars full of tree barks and minerals in my studio is my familiar domain....


The best art advice that I never got

Santanu Borah talks about the fine line that advice on art walks on Let me tell you a childhood story. I am out with my friend Manoj at Cole Park in Tezpur, Assam. We are at the park to do landscape, armed with papers and watercolours. We decide to paint the lake. As you are...