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Bireswar Sen: The landscape artist who reimagined the Indian miniature

The art world has the unique ability to reveal visual delights and exciting artists from lesser-known places — and then all of a sudden, that celebration seems to stop without a warning. In Bengal, old masters like Abanindranath Tagore are worshipped and will always occupy a large part of the cultural consciousness of the region...


Muzaffar Ali: The multimedia artist before there was multimedia artists

Ruby Brahmbhatt Jagrut talks about the versatile artists, who has not only made beautiful paintings but has also directed classic films like Umrao Jaan What makes some people creative powerhouse? There are artists who just do art. Then there are ones who see, live, touch, carry art wherever they are and whatever they do. They...


Young Goa: Emerging artists that you should know

Gauri Gharpure profiles five young and promising artists from Goa. You can see their works at the end of the article Foraying into the field of arts is replete with equal amounts of creative freedom and struggle. In this article, we outline the journeys of young artists from Goa who have not only won numerous...


How not to write an artist statement

Santanu Borah walks through the maze of artist statements and tries to figure out a statement that can be truly confusing. He also tells you where you can auto-generate beautifully pretentious statements and other such unavoidable things  Hello friends, curators and buyers, My name is Being Real. I am an artist. Painting for the last...


In our fast-paced life, we have forgotten the small details: Vasudevan Akkitham

Veteran artist Vasudevan Akkitham discusses with Abir Pothi the changing mores of art in the last four decades, and shares his wisdom for fledgling artists Regarded a pioneer of Indian art, 63-year-old Vasudevan Akkitham has had a bird’s-eye view and understanding of its fascinating evolution over the last four-odd decades, and believes that we stand...