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Social activist-cum-Pattachitra Artist: Laxmi Meher

JULY 6, ON THIS DAY Indian artist and social activist, Laxmi Meher was born on this day, 6 July, 1967. She’s popular for her Odisha pattachitra paintings. She has completed 30 years of her career as a painter and is still acclaimed and appreciated by various art lovers and critics. Laxmi Meher was born in...


The Anxieties of Belonging: Dhavat Singh’s Gond Artwork Questions the idea of Home and Belongingness during the Pandemic time

By Avani Solanki Gallery Ragini’s exhibition for the India Art Fair 2022, titled “Conversations in My Own Language”, explores religion, folklore, and indigenous art traditions in contemporary contexts. The exhibition includes practitioners of Pichwai, Madhubani, Gond, Pattachitra, and Kalamkari art practices, along with some temple sculptures and photographs. As Nidhi Jyoti Jain writes, the endeavor...