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Is that a Gauguin or a fake? Historic painting downgraded at the Tate

A SUMMARY OF THE MOST EXCITING ART NEWS FROM AROUND THE GLOBE While we focus on Indian art, we can’t obviously function in a vacuum. It’s a small world and everything is connected, especially on the web. So, let’s train our spotlight across the world map to see what’s going on — from art trends...

September 7, 2021September 7, 2021in News

When van Gogh’s Sunflowers broke a record

March 30, On This Day There exist many iterations of Vincent van Gogh’s fascination with sunflowers, but one in particular — Still Life: Vase with Fifteen Sunflowers — made art history on March 30, 1987, when a Japanese insurance magnate reportedly paid the equivalent of US $39,921,750 for the artwork at a Christie’s London auction....