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Portraits of Indian Woman: Raja Ravi Varma

Smriti Malhotra If the women painted by Raja Ravi Varma had their own Instagram handles now and posed photographs of themselves with mundane objects, dressed opulently, gazing lovingly at the views, it would leave their followers awe-struck.  Raja Ravi Varma set the standards of Indian beauty through his artworks, the aesthetics of Raja Ravi Varma …

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Raja Ravi Varma De-Constructed

Smriti Malhotra A Book Review of Raja Ravi Varma: Painter of Colonial India by Rupika Chawla Published by Mappin Publishing in the year 2010 Rupika Chawla is an art conservator, a profession that requires the utmost patience and dedication to work with paintings covered in soot and dust accumulated over time. It takes ages to …

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