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Emerging artists from Delhi experiment with and unravel themes of solitude, animals, and urban angst

This is the second article of a series documenting the arts practice of emerging artists where we check out what’s happening in Delhi. Abir Pothi reports! Ravi Chaurasiya: Exploring the intersection of humans and animals Ravi’s surrealistic approach to social issues comes from his experiments with form and symbolism. He experiments with varied raw materials,...


From sustainability to caste narratives, emerging artists spur dialogues through path-breaking installations

Young artists are claiming spaces for socio-cultural dialogue with an unprecedented show of assertiveness and creativity. Abir Pothi brings to you the stories of two rising stars. Harsha Vardhan Durugadda: Going sustainable and probing inter-personal relationships  If you love flowers, will you cut them and put them in a vase or will you plant new...


Find out how ‘Young Lucknow’ artists are blossoming in the erstwhile city of nawabs

Nostalgia, cultures, traditions, mythologies, agriculture, women’s rights – Abir Pothi discovers that the list of inspiration is quite long for these Lucknow-based artists. Mainaz Bano: Themes of a colonial past Raised in an Awadhi family, Mainaz is fascinated by miniatures. Zari sarees worn by her mother at festive occasions, with intricate floral designs and distinct...