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That’s Where The Trouble Began. Those Smiley Faces. Those Damned Smiley Faces.

If you have ever used Instagram, Facebook, or WhatsApp, there is a 100% chance that you have drawn smiley faces before. At present it is unimaginable to even have a textual conversation without inserting smiley faces. Whether you are ‘ROFL’ ?or texting your beloved ‘ILY’?, you will inadvertently use a smiley face drawing to exaggerate that emotion. Whether they are in the form of a big red heart ❤️, a bouquet ?, or just a ‘uwu’ face?, the possibilities are endless.

What is a Smiley Face?

A smiley face is quite explanatory. A Smiley face drawing consists of a smiling face. It is the most basic ideogram to ever exist. Since their inception, the smileys have taken over the globe. But smiley faces are not a new idea. You would be shocked to know that archaeologist Nicolo Marchetti discovered a smiley face etched onto a pot from the ancient Hittite civilization. The pot has been dated to 1700 BCE.

Smiley Face Drawing With Name
Courtesy – Pinterest

History of Cartoon Smiley Face

In 1963, Harvey Ball designed a simple cartoon smiley face for the State Mutual Insurance Company. This simple design was plastered onto the company’s merchandise. However, they had no idea that one day, the smiley face phenomenon would take over the world. Ball declared October 1st as World Smile Day in honour of his cute smiley face drawing.

Courtesy – Quora

In 1982, Carnegie Mellon professor Scott Fahlman initiated the idea of text emoticons. He used them extensively in online bulletin chat boards. Since there were no emotional connotations to the text messages, he encouraged his colleagues and friends to use ‘:-)’ to indicate sarcasm and ‘:-(‘ to imply seriousness. These had a ripple effect hastening the development of several other emoticons, ‘:-)’, ‘:-p’, ‘:-0’, and more.

Courtesy – The Museum of Modern Art

But how did the modern smiley face clip art develop? It was in the late 1990s in Japan. To elevate their users’ texting experience, the Japanese phone companies included pixelated symbols, which looked nothing like the quintessential yellow and black smiley face. Since 1993, Unicode has included white and black smiley faces, which shifted to yellow and black in 2015 with the release of Emoji 1.0. Now, new smiley faces are made every year, giving users more ways to express their emotions with their friends, family, and folks.

Smiley Face Drawing Easy Step-By-Step Guide

The whole purpose of a smiley face is to build up on your latent emotions; and convey what the words cannot. Even though they are predominantly used in texts, that must not hinder you from writing letters and including smiley faces in them. Today, we will teach you how to draw a smiley face. These steps are so easy that the tutorial could easily be a lesson on smiley face drawing for kids. 

Courtesy – iHeartCraftyThings
  1. Draw a circle. If you want a perfect circle, use a compass.
  2. Draw two eyebrows using two curved lines.
  3. How to draw a smile? Simple! Just draw a wide ‘U’.
  4. Draw two curved smile lines at the end of the smile.
  5. Draw eyes under the eyebrow.
  6. Right under the eyes, draw two ovals for the blushing effect.
  7. Now you may colour the smile drawing any colour that you like, although we love a combination of yellow and black.

Different Types Of Smiley Faces To Draw

Now that you have mastered making a happy face drawing, you can move on to making a plethora of amazing smiley faces. Here are some ideas for drawing of smiley faces that you don’t wanna miss out on.

Funny Smiley Faces

If you are texting your friends, you would use numerous funny smiley faces such as – ?, ?‍?, and ?. The key to making a good funny smiley face is uniqueness, absurdity, and relatability. Get creative with the faces that you are making. Remember, the entire reason to draw funny smiley faces is to LOL.

Courtesy – Ubuy India

Cool Smiley Face

When we say cool smiley face, we aren’t specifically referring to ?, but drawings which will help you prove your mettle. Try your hand at drawing the basic cool face – ?. Now mix and match it with other emojis. These are sure to provide you with a range of emotions while still being ?.

Courtesy – Vecteezy

Now that you have completed the drawing of happy face and even mastered numerous drawings of smiles, you must innovate and reinvent the wheel. Your friends will definitely bow down to your talents.

Image Courtesy – ElPlural

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