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The art of making a beautiful bedroom together


While curating art for one’s home is an enterprise of exploration, discernment and infinite value, quite a few couples tend to underestimate the power of good art in the bedroom — not just for its erotic potential, but also for the satisfaction of an intimate cocoon to retire to at the end of the day, which is in the best possible taste.
Lighting, mirrors, sheets with the best thread count and art — all four could easily be considered as the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow when it comes to designing a boudoir made for a sensual experience. For many, this task still amounts to something as simplistic as aligning the feng shui of the room’s design and contents to its ideal state, or reverting to the classic cliché of a crackling fireplace and a gigantic soft rug on the floor.

For others, a print of art’s all-time desire-inducing classics could hang on the walls — such as Katsushika Hokusai ‘The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife’, or Gustav Klimt’s ‘Frau bei der Selbstbefriedigung’, or even the latter’s softer, more romantic, ubiquitous and infinitely heartwarming ‘The Kiss’.

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Buying art as a couple, however, could prove to be tricky. It is not always that one’s artistic preferences are fully aligned, and without a healthy dose of compromise, designing art into one’s bedroom could spark quite a few tense moments. Art buyers and advisors have numerous tips for couples embarking on investing in art together for their room, and often suggest that a couple get a consultant on board to bring them options or get a professional view of how their choices tie into one another. Another great option is to buy art on one’s travels together, especially if the trip has been fruitful and enjoyable, and just focus on your shared interests and experiences as inspirations, whether this then is hobbies, memories, or simply just an aesthetic you happen to agree on. Couples buying art for their bedroom could also consider starting with smaller pieces, and take turns to pick the purchase (perhaps once a common overriding theme has been settled upon).

Ultimately, the sheer intimacy of the activity is also one that calls for a dose of compromise and affection — one may have to pick their battles, try and understand their partner’s choice of art, and sometimes, just let the other person have what they want!

The idea is to have fun, and build on the rapport you already share. Attending openings and exhibits together and letting a little wine enhance your senses, meeting the artist to get an added perspective on certain pieces, or sometimes taking the art for a test drive with permissions, could all be grand alternatives for finally finding the collection that surrounds you every night.
One of the foremost ways to emphasize attachment when it comes to art for the bedroom is also to commission a painting or other form of art work from your common favourite artist or gallery.


And then, there is a way to become the art yourself.
Given the privacy of the arena, boudoir photography is an option that has been around for decades. With its more suggestive rather than explicit approach, it can be quite democratic in its appeal, giving the subject most control over what is depicted and displayed.
Another increasingly popular option all over the world is that of allure art, intimacy art or passion painting. It was reportedly in the 1960s that French artist Yves Klein was known for asking naked woman to cover themselves with paint and move around on a large canvas. In 2008, Atlanta-based artist and LOVE IS ART founder Jeremy Brown is said to have come up with kits that would facilitate this same allure art for couples, including special cotton canvases, non-toxic paints, surface protection from paint splatters, and even body washes, scrubbers and disposable slippers for later.

Capturing the hues and creative movements of lovemaking on canvas, all it needs is some washing up later.

The completely abstract nature of the ultimate art that is created also makes it possible to hang anywhere else in the house without revealing the technique behind it — quite the conversation starter for when you\’re hosting a dinner party!


In India, allure art has even been featured back in 2019 at an art exhibition in Delhi conducted by InsideOut for the LGBTQ community — emphasizing that art, love and intimacy are indeed universal.