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Through a Minimalist Approach and the Subtle Incorporation of Symbols, Deepanjali Shekhar Looks Into the Intricate Complexities of Human Nature

The creative path of Deepanjali Shekhar is a continuous process of self-discovery, entwined with the colourful weaving of her metropolitan surroundings set against the calming charm of Santiniketan’s natural settings. Her compositions effortlessly blend the many hues of nature, giving them an ethereal aspect that transports viewers to a realm of breathtaking beauty. Her art is a tribute to the appeal of nature.

Untitled by Deepanjali Shekhar

Deepanjali’s creative repertory is limitless, utilising a wide range of media such as stop motion, videography, etching, embossing, and mixed media. She adeptly manipulates forms, shapes, and patterns to create a harmonious visual balance that reflects the spontaneity and unpredictability of life itself. Each medium provides a distinct outlet for her creative expression. Central to Deepanjali’s artistic philosophy is the infusion of emotional depth into her work. Through a minimalist approach and the subtle incorporation of symbols, she looks into the intricate complexities of human nature, offering viewers a glimpse into the depths of the human psyche. Drawing from personal experiences and introspective self-observation, her creations serve as a mirror reflecting the multifaceted layers of the human experience.

untitled DS3
Untitled DS3 by Deepanjali Shekhar

Deepanjali’s artistic talent is accentuated in her favoured medium of watercolour, coffee, tea toning, and gouache on paper. She masterfully catches the essence of her environment with every brushstroke, evoking ephemeral moments in time that make a lasting effect on the viewer’s soul.

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