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Timeless Artistry Meets Luxury: Jaipur Company Present Luxury Raja Ravi Varma Watch Collection

Raja Ravi Varma’s legacy as a painter who transformed Indian worship is definite, and nowadays, we glorify the memory of legendary artists in a different tone and fashion. Ravi Varma brought Indian mythology to life through the Ravi Varma Press, democratizing art and making Gods and Goddesses a part of every Indian household.

Raja Ravi Varma’s paintings are familiar all over India in different styles, including advertisements and posters of calendars. Ravi Varma press used to reproduce his works as much as, and then the people started to create and recreate different materials from those paintings and spread out his works worldwide. Through these oleographs, his paintings of Hindu deities and his rendition of mythological tales became accessible to every Indian and were worshipped in every Hindu household.

Raja Ravi Varma can be considered India’s first brand as an artist, and his art are a collector’s delight. Ravi Varma’s original works are an invaluable and national treasure. Raja Ravi Varma left a profound influence on India’s cultural landscape. The weavers and jewellers of his era were inspired by the jewellery and saris in his paintings and incorporated many motifs and weaving patterns into their work.

Jaipur Watch Company, an Indian manufacturer of luxury wristwatches, is known for making Indian-themed watches, incorporating Pre-British Era coins, postage stamps, Pichhwai paintings, feathers and precious stones; now presents a luxury collection of watches with Raja Ravi Varma painting.

Jaipur Watch Company unveiled Raja Ravi Varma’s watches amidst in the regal ambience of Jaipur’s Jai Mahal Palace was graced by Shri Gajendra Singh Shekhawat ji, Honorable Minister of Jal Shakti Ministry, and Ramavarma Thampuran, Chairman of Ramavarma Foundation for Arts and Culture and Raja Ravi Varma Temple of Arts, Kilimanoor Palace.

Each exquisite watch is meticulously crafted using a Collection of Oleographs from Ravi Varma Press, capturing the timeless essence of his artistry. Jaipur Watch Company introduced this luxury watch as part of his 175th birth anniversary. The company use almost all of Ravi Varma’s painting for this initiative.

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