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Top 5 Best Gel Pens For Students in India

Humanity can be categorised into two separate groups of people: people who prefer ball pens, and people who have taste. As a part of the latter crowd, I do have an affinity towards gel pens when it comes to writing. While this hot take might give us gel pen users a small sense of god complex, we are here to analyse the top gel pens in our country. In a pool of basic to poor-quality flow, we at Abir Pothi have compiled a list of the top 5 best-selling gel pens for artists and students alike to help you make the best decision when it comes to stationary. 

Pilot V5 Hi-Techpoint 

With the revolutionary 3 dimple tip technology from Japan, experience precise writing like no before. Its 0.5 mm ultra-fine tip ensures immaculate lines. The pure liquid ink runs smoothly thanks to the ATT System, ensuring a quick start and skip-free writing. Additionally, the unusual see-through ink tank allows you to quickly check the ink level so you’re never caught off guard in the middle of a work.

Pilot 019573 Hi-tecpoint V5 Pen (Black - Pack of 4)
Courtesy: Amazon

Uniball Eye

The uni-ball Eye UB157 Roller Ball Pens comes with a 0.7 mm stainless-steel tip, a tungsten carbide ball, and a blue plastic barrel. With these pens, you get a consistently enjoyable writing experience from beginning to end with each stroke. These adaptable writing tools are ideal for many jobs, including as writing, journaling, taking notes, highlighting, and sketching, whether for school, the office, or the home. They also give a sense of elegance to any event and are perfect gifts for conventions, parties, and guest book tables.

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Classmate Octane

These premium gel pens have a beautiful, sculpted design that guarantees an ergonomic experience, a textured and pleasant grip for precise writing control, and a sleek appearance. These pens provide clear, legible writing without any unwelcome smudging or smearing on your paper thanks to Japanese waterproof ink and smudge-proof technology.

Courtesy: Amazon

Linc Ocean

Linc Ocean Classic Gel Pens which have a 0.55 mm tip and a click-off cap mechanism, provide simple writing with waterproof ink and a cosy textured grip. They are one of the greatest selections among the best gel pens since they are leak-proof. These pens are practical to use and offer a comfortable non-slip grip for prolonged writing, whether in the classroom, the office, or on any other occasion. In order to meet the everyday educational and professional demands of adults, they are ideal for taking notes, writing cards, or giving to festival organisers and planners.

Linc Ocean Classic 0.55 mm Gel Pen | Comfortable Textured Grip With Effortless Writing | Waterproof Ink For Leak Proof Technology | Black Ink, Pack Of 10
Courtesy: Amazon

Reynolds TRIMAX

The set comes with a 0.5 mm tip size and ink in four eye-catching hues: blue, black, red, and green. Reynolds Gell Pens have cutting-edge fluid ink technology and a precise grip for swift, fluid writing, making them perfect for extended writing sessions. Additionally, they have a lifespan that is twice as long as that of regular gel point pens.

Courtesy: Amazon

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