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Usher Who? It’s Gian and Gian Drawing’s World and We Are Living In It!

At present, everyone is obsessed with cinematic universes. Whether it is Star Wars, Marvel, or Pirates of the Caribbean, each cinematic universe has curated an extensive list of movies, TV series, tie-in novels, merchandise, and conventions. But no other cinematic marvel has enchanted global audiences, kids and adults alike, as Doraemon. Japan has been a cultural hub for a long time now, gracing the world with Pokemon, Astro Boy, and more. Doraemon is yet another successful franchise, having originated from the mind of Fujiko F Fujio in 1969. You would be shocked to know that the anime character ‘Doraemon’ was actually appointed as the first anime ambassador by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2008.

Unpopular Opinion – We Stan Gian in This House!

Doraemon has had multiple characters since its inception, but the core cast includes Nobita Nobi, Doraemon, Gian, Suneo, and Shizuka. While we do agree that Gian is not everyone’s cup of tea, we wholeheartedly love Gian. Despite his horrible cooking and horrendous singing voice, you have to give him props for trying and never giving up. This is one of the qualities which made us fall in love with the character. To show our appreciation of Gian AKA Takeshi Goda, we would like to give you steps to make a drawing of Gian.

Courtesy – AnimeHunch

Steps To Make Easy Gian Drawing

Before you make a Gian drawing, we must caution you — you are going to have loads of fun. Without further adieu, we give you step-by-step instructions to make an easy Gian drawing.

  1. Start by drawing a large oval shape for Gian’s head. Draw two smaller circles for his eyes, and a smaller circle for his nose in between the eyes.
  2. Sketch his mouth below the nose, with a slight curve upward on each end. Draw his large, round ears on either side of his head. Add two curved lines for his neck.
  3. Sketch Gian’s body by drawing a large oval shape below his head. Add his arms and hands, making them thicker and more muscular. Draw his legs and feet, making them slightly wider and shorter.
  4. Refine Gian’s facial features by adding eyebrows above his eyes and a couple of small lines for his cheeks. Draw his hair by adding short, thick spikes on top of his head. Add his clothing details, such as his shirt with horizontal stripes and his pants.
  5. Add shading or signature colours (orange and navy blue) to give your drawing more depth and dimension. At this point, you may add additional details, such as accessories or props, to personalize your Gian drawing further.
Courtesy – Chelsea’s Art Zone via YouTube

And there you have it! An easy Gian drawing. Remember to take your time, practice, and have fun with it!

We Want More GIAN!!!

Without a shadow of a doubt, Gian in himself is a powerhouse. But why not have some friends to tag along with him? Thus, once you have completed this drawing of Gian, you must try making other Gian-centric drawings. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Gian Suneo Drawing

Good things come in a pair. If we were to talk about Doraemon (which we can because our Y2K nostalgia is hitting us hard!) Gian and Suneo are what we mean. Therefore, try drawing Gian and Suneo drawing. The pair have had multiple moments together. Now this is what we call true friendship!

Courtesy – ShareChat

Time For A Group Photo

Try your hand at Doraemon Nobita Shizuka Gian Suneo drawing. Take reference from the official movie posters. Incorporate Gian’s singing; Suneo’s smugness, Nobita’s love for Shizuka, and Doraemon’s savior complex.

Courtesy – YouTube

Image Courtesy – Pxfuel

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