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Samvaad with Vivek Gupta
With over 30 years of experience, architect Vivek Gupta, the founder and managing director of the New Delhi-based architecture and design firm Arvind Vivek and Associates (AVA), is quite the behemoth in his field. He leads sprawling projects in urban planning, architecture, and interiors, be it in the spheres of commercial, residential, retail, wellness and corporate spaces. The geographical footprint of these projects extends not only across India but also to Dubai, Turkey, Bulgaria, Kuwait, Germany, and Singapore.
Samvaad With Hiren Patel
Hiren Patel graduated in 1989 from CEPT University of Ahmedabad. He went to Switzerland to work for a while and began working on some architecture projects upon his return to India. Soon, he was drawn to interior design. After around 15 years of practice, he also became inclined to landscape design. Currently, architecture, interior design, and landscaping are the three legs of his firm, Hiren Patel Architects.
Samvaad With Sameer Sinha
Realtor Sameer Sinha, Founder and Managing Director of Savvy Group, Ahmedabad, began his career in Chicago working on multimillion dollar infrastructure projects in the early 1990s. In 1996, he established Savvy Infrastructures in Ahmedabad along with two college classmates. Sameer discusses his passions of sustainable design and technology in this conversation with our Founder Ruby Jagrut.
Samvaad With Muzaffar Ali
Our guest is instantly recognized as the director of the 1981 film Umrao Jaan. He is also an artist, poet, and fashion designer. Born in Lucknow in 1944, he graduated in science from Aligarh Muslim University and started his career in advertising before moving to films. In 1990, he created a fashion label with his wife, Meera.
Senior landscape designer and architect Aniket Bhagwat in Samvaad with Ruby Jagrut
Professor Aniket Bhagwat is a third-generation landscape architect practicing in Ahmedabad with M/s Prabhaker B Bhagwat, a firm started by his father eight decades ago. An outspoken and stimulating writer, he also co-edits and writes for SPADE, India’s only peer-driven design magazine. He strives to bridge the gap between the profession and academics through discussion and criticism.
Architect and Interior Designer Canna Patel in Samvaad with Ruby Jagrut
An architect and interior designer with over 30 years of magnificent professional experience , Canna Patel has studied at the prestigious CEPT University of Ahmedabad and at UC Berkeley. Canna eventually founded the Institute of Indian Interior Designers (IIID), Ahmedabad chapter. Today, she is an interior sub-consultant on the ruling party’s ambitious Central Vista Redevelopment Project.