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‘Art enhances what we build’ says Niraj Shah

Having founded ‘ido design’ in 1999, Niraj Shah has had a long prolific and ever-adapting association
with art, architecture and design. An alumnus of the prestigious CEPT Ahmedabad as well as Indian
Institute of Management (IIM) Calcutta, the design director has also been part of faculty at multiple
institutes – passing on his keen vision for the functional as well as visually appealing metamorphosis
of any space. Niraj believes in nurturing young talent, and at the same time, brings the heft of his
own experience and wisdom to every project, be it large commercial enterprises or smaller ones,
celebrating art in its diverse forms. His aesthetic involves eye-catching pieces, a dynamic energy and
a deft use of colour to transform structures, and he believes art is integral to enhancing whatever we


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