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An interior designer, artist and visualizer, Kulin Patel has had a fruitful association of many years with aesthetic pursuits. With academic experience in painting as a Fine Arts student, as well as in interior design at CEPT Ahmedabad, Kulin has dabbled in myriad aspects of not just art but also corollaries of cinema and literature, such as by working in television art direction and writing an ‘Art Destination’ column, besides his own poetry. His delightful series of colourful abstract paintings came to fruition during the Covid-19 pandemic as ‘Lockdown Learnings’, incorporating the sub-text of a new reality that all art and artists have experienced during an unprecedented global phase. This abstract representation of art finds its way into much of his work, using a variety of mediums from acrylic on canvas to ink on paper. Similarly, bold and significant artwork finds its way into Kulin’s interior design projects, displayed among classic settings, and carefully catered to suit the individual needs of clients in personal as well as professional spaces