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Tuesday Talks| Ep- 03 | Insight Into the Contemporary Art in New York

Join us for ‘Tuesday Talks,’ an engaging online talk show hosted by the editor of Abir Pothi, where art enthusiasts, artists, curators, and art educators come together to discuss and explore the captivating world of art. Dive deep into thought-provoking conversations, gain insights from experts, and discover new perspectives on the diverse realms of art. Tune in every Tuesday for an enriching experience that celebrates creativity and fosters a deeper understanding of the art world. Joining us today is Andrea Burgay, from NY a remarkable visual artist and the founder and editor of an art magazine called Cut Me UP. Andrea’s artistic practice is a harmonious blend of collage, sculpture, and found material, resulting in captivating works that explore the passage of time, themes of destruction and decay, and the potential for renewal. Today, we are thrilled to have Andrea join us on “Tuesday Talks” to share her insights and experiences in navigating New York’s contemporary art scene. As we explore the dynamic artistic landscape of the city, Andrea will offer her unique perspective as a visual artist, shedding light on the challenges, inspirations, and opportunities she encounters in her creative journey.

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