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Tuesday Talks| Ep- 07 | Insight Into the World Performance Art | Shatadru Sovan | Abir Pothi

Join us for ‘Tuesday Talks,’ an engaging online talk show hosted by the editor of Abir Pothi, where art enthusiasts, artists, curators, and art educators come together to discuss and explore the captivating world of art. Dive deep into thought-provoking conversations, gain insights from experts, and discover new perspectives on the diverse realms of art. Tune in every Tuesday for an enriching experience that celebrates creativity and fosters a deeper understanding of the art world. In this episode, we have Shatadaru Sovan as the guest on Tuesday Talks. Shatadru is a multidisciplinary artist who gained his degree and masters in painting from the renowned Visva Bharati University Shantiniketan in 2000, He is a recipient of several awards including Fulbright Scholar From DANM, California USA and his works are in private collections as well as museums. He is the recipient of 4  international scholarships and 14 awards including the very reputed Fulbright scholarship as I just revealed. He has exhibited his artworks through 9 solo exhibitions, 10 Art fairs, 5 Biennales and over 50 Performances in 25 countries. His artworks are exhibited in 6 national and international Museums.  He is the founder & director of the Hexxydexxybox perfomrance platform. Today in this episode of Tuesday’s talks we will be diving deep into the world of performance Art in India.

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