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Tuesday Talks| Ep- 08 | Insight Into the World of Tantric Art | Dr. Sama Haq | Abir Pothi

Join us for ‘Tuesday Talks,’ an engaging online talk show hosted by the editor of Abir Pothi, where art enthusiasts, artists, curators, and art educators come together to discuss and explore the captivating world of art. Dive deep into thought-provoking conversations, gain insights from experts, and discover new perspectives on the diverse realms of art. Tune in every Tuesday for an enriching experience celebrating creativity and fostering a deeper understanding of the art world. Today we have Dr Sama Haq with us. She is the director of Sushma Swaraj Institute of Foreign Services. Ministry of External Affairs. She joined us today to talk about Tantric Art in terms of Buddhism. As she has her PhD in Prasat Phimai: an Esoteric Buddhist Khmer Temple in Thailand (11-13 centuries CE)

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