Easy Paper Quilling Art Ideas

13 June 2024

Quilling Art Flowers

Simply, shape paper coils into petals and add them to your quilling board. Now, arrange them into blossoms. Experiment with different colours and shapes to craft your unique flower quilling art designs.

Quilling Art Earrings

Just like the Greeks, fashion stylish accessories by making quilling art earrings. Beware, since this is paper quilling art, they are bound to be delicate. Use colourful paper strips.

Quilling Name Art

You can even make a quilling name art board. Simply stencil your name on a quilling board and add paper coils. These paper quilling art designs make for memorable gifts.

Quilling Art Peacock

To showcase their beauty, make a quilling art peacock. For the bird’s body, you must use tightly wound coils. However, for the feathers, loose coils, albeit of multiple colours.