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Round and Round We Go with Easy Paper Quilling Art

Home decor doesn’t have to be expensive. You can make a picture frame out of popsicle sticks or you can upcycle your plastic bottles to make planting pots. Another inexpensive trend that has been sweeping the world is Quilling art, also known as paper quilling art. Quill art has evolved into a versatile craft loved by many for its simplicity and elegance. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or just starting, paper quilling art will undoubtedly be a fun activity and project to beautify your home.

What is Paper Quilling Art

At its core, quill art involves the rolling, shaping, and glueing of strips of paper to create stunning yet easy paper quilling art designs. It is seldom categorised into the category of paper sculptures. Since paper strips are the preferred medium in quilling art, it is also known as quilling strips art. The origins of quilling are still up for debate. Some say that quilling art originated in 105 AD in China, while others believe that the Egyptians engendered the art form. Suffice to say, that paper quilling art originated in the early 14th century in England with the appearance of the first paper mills.

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Traditionally, quillers would use bird feathers, hence the name ‘quilling.’ However, you can even pursue quill art with silver, gold, or metal wires, as was the case with the Greeks, who wrapped these wires around boxes, pillars, and vases to ornament them. Additionally, they created jewellery out of them. But long gone are those days. Today, paper strips are the most sought-after medium due to their accessibility and versatility. Paper quilling art designs may take the form of simple patterns to elaborate designs. It essentially transforms ordinary paper into extraordinary art pieces.

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What You Need in a Basic Quilling Art Kit

If you wish to delve into the most basic and simple quilling art, you may not be able to do so if you do not have the appropriate tools for that. Hence, quilling art for beginners can only be learnt if you possess a quilling art kit. It comes with myriad quill art tools which allow you to create beautiful quilling art designs. Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

1. Quilling Strips

Your quilling strip art cannot begin without paper strips. Some quilling art kits sell pre-cut paper strips, although a majority force you to buy your own. Although paper quilling art can be done with any type of paper, whether it is construction paper or cardstock, experts use quilling paper which comes in several dimensions and over 250 colours. If you are lucky, you may even get to do quill art with textured or designer patterns.

Courtesy – Paper Tales via YouTube

2. Quilling Tools

If you think that a simple quilling art can be done with hands since it is fundamentally rolling paper, you thought wrong. The star of any quilling art kit is its imperative and basic quilling tools. You need to have a slotted tool, which aids in quick and easy coils. The quality of quilling strip art is higher as compared to when done by hand or a toothpick. A needle tool will help you put adhesive in hard-to-reach places, without unravelling your coil. You can measure your coils with a circle-size ruler to ensure that the strip is uniform throughout its entire length. 

Courtesy – The Spruce Crafts

No quilling art kit is complete without tweezers. They help you to hold your coil still when putting it in a tight space. Additionally, they keep the coils the same size, which is imperative if your paper quilling art designs demand uniform coils. Quilling art for kids is incomplete without a curling coach, which is a stencil assisting you in making uniform coils. Some quilling art kits also come with a crimper tool, which crimps your paper to make a zig-zag pattern and adds diversity to your simple quilling art.

Courtesy – Craftsy

3. Adhesive

A reliable adhesive glue is a sacred part of a quilling art kit. It is essential for securing the paper coils and holding your artwork together. Opt for a clear-drying, non-toxic adhesive for best results. Steer clear of hot glue guns, as the glue that they disemminate is hot, and may damage your paper strips. This will be reflected in your paper-quilling art designs, diminishing its appeal.

Courtesy – The Papery Craftery

4. Quilling Board

While not mandatory, a quilling board can be a helpful tool for creating uniform coils and shapes by providing a template to guide your rolling process. A quilling board can also be a blank slate for your easy paper quilling art designs. You are at liberty to draw your distinct and unique vision, based on which you’ll glue your paper coils to the board, albeit within borders. They also come with numerous design templates, for you to practice your quilling skills. Therefore, you can go from easy paper quilling art designs to more complex ones.

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Easy Quilling Paper Art Designs 

Quilling art for beginners has to be easy and must assist learning. Even though there are several intricate designs to tackle, starting with easy quilling art designs is key to building confidence and mastering the basic techniques. Let’s look at a few popular, trendy, and simple quilling art patterns.

1. Quilling Art Flowers

Flowers make for a beautiful and easy quilling art. Whether you choose roses or carnations, you can create vibrant floral designs. Simply, shape paper coils into petals and add them to your quilling board. Now, arrange them into blossoms. If you wish to detail your flower, you can add technicalities within the petals or the bud. Experiment with different colours and shapes to craft your unique flower quilling art designs.

Courtesy – Pinterest

2. Quilling Art Earrings

Just like the Greeks, fashion stylish accessories by making quilling art earrings. Beware, since this is paper quilling art, they are bound to be delicate. Use colourful paper strips to express your vision. From elegant drops to playful studs, the possibilities are endless when it comes to designing this elegant yet simple quilling art jewellery.

Courtesy – Paper Quilling Art Handmade

3. Quilling Name Art

We’ve all seen the ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ or ‘Wine O’Clock’ sign boards. You can even make a quilling name art board. Simply stencil your name (or your friends, or anything that you like) on a quilling board and add paper coils. Once you are done with this easy quilling art design, you may even frame the board. These paper quilling art designs make for memorable gifts.

Courtesy – IndiaMart

4. Quilling Art Peacock

Peacocks are the most majestic beasts of nature. They are said to be the most proud. And why shouldn’t they be? They are the most colourful and vibrant of them all. To showcase their beauty, make a quilling art peacock. For the bird’s body, you must use tightly wound coils. However, for the feathers, loose coils, albeit of multiple colours would do the trick. This paper quilling art design is sure to astound.

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Image Courtesy – My Modern Met

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